To verify users identity, an email containing a PIN code is sent to their email. This PIN is needed for entering the workspace from a new or unidentified device.

For example if a user tries to enter the workspace on their phone for the first time they will receive and need to use the PIN before entering. Also if a user has shared their private login link and someone else tries to use it to enter the workspace, they will not be able to without having access to the PIN code that is sent directly to the users email.

There are a for a few different reasons that a PIN code email is sent:

  1. The workspace security settings are set to require the PIN verification any time a user tries to enter the workspace from an unidentified or new device.

  2. When a bookmark has been made of the workspace and the user tries to enter the workspace through the bookmark using an unidentified or new device.

  3. When using the ‘My workspaces’ feature which allows you to move between all the different workspaces that you are a part of, you can enable one-click access. Enabling one-click access will require the PIN code.

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