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User guide for Microsoft Teams app
User guide for Microsoft Teams app

This article is a user guide to getting started with your Howspace workspaces inside Microsoft teams.

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To use Howspace in Microsoft Teams, make sure the feature is enabled and configured for your account. Find the configuration instructions here:

Enabling Microsoft Teams login for your workspace

To be able to use your workspace in Microsoft Teams, make sure the workspace login settings are correct:

Enable SSO login for the workspace, select the Entra ID configuration, and enable the tab that allows users to log in with Microsoft Teams. Allowing registration for external users is optional.

There is an option to allow external users (who are not part of your Entra ID and do not have SSO access) to participate during meetings. Enable the tab from the workspace settings to allow external users. When they join the meeting, they can interact with the workspace after verifying their email with a PIN code.

If you want everyone from the Microsoft Teams channel or meeting to be able to access the workspace, enable 'Create SSO users automatically'. Without this option, only users who have been added to the workspace can access it, and others will get an error page.

Note that if this setting is enabled, other users from your organization are able to access the workspace with the link to the workspace without the admin adding them as a participant.

Adding a page to a Teams channel

  1. Open the Teams channel where you want to add the page

  2. Click on the plus sign next to the existing pages

  3. Search for the Howspace app and select it

  4. Fill in the details on the pop-up screen

    1. Decide the name of the Teams channel tab

    2. The domain is the latter part of your Howspace workspace URL

    3. You can only select the workspaces where you have enabled Microsoft Teams login.

    4. Select the specific page you want to display

    5. Choose if you want to post a notification to the channel about the new tab

    6. Press Save

Adding a page to a Teams meeting

  1. Add a meeting to your Teams calendar. In the meeting, press the + icon, search for and select the Howspace app.

  2. Press Add.

  3. Fill in the required info into the pop up screen (see instructions above)

  4. Press the share button


The Howspace app in Microsoft Teams is slightly different from the browser version. The integration does not include a top menu bar containing all the workspace pages, but you can find a menu icon when using the Howspace app in the channel tab. With the menu icon it is possible to scroll through other workspace pages. When using the Howspace app in a meeting the menu icon is disabled. Admin can add several apps and workspace pages to the same meeting if needed.

In the Howspace app there is no action menu where users can see their profile, bookmark the page, log out, etc but as a workspace admin you can find a simplified settings menu to edit your page, create a new page to the workspace or open it in the web browser. The live widget is always disabled within Microsoft Teams.

The Howspace workspaces can be added directly to your Microsoft Teams channel, chat or meeting. When adding the workspace you need to choose the default page in the app. Even though it is possible to edit the pages within Microsoft Teams, it is more appropriate to build and edit your workspace in the browser interface. The application in Teams is primarily meant to be used to share the workspace with users and to engage participants. It is always better to build your workspace in the browser beforehand and only then add it to the app.

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