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One-click access
One-click access

What is one-click access and what does it mean?

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One-click access is a way to access workspaces quicker and easier without needing a login link every time.

In practice, this means that when you click a link to any workspace you are part of, you get logged in to all your workspaces without having to request a login link via email to every single one of them separately.

On new devices or devices you have not yet authorized the one-click access, you may receive a notification like this once you navigate to the My workspaces view found from the action menu:


If you wish to access workspaces on a safe device easily, click Yes and begin the short process of marking that particular device safe. This process has to be repeated on all devices you deem secure if you'd like to use the one-click access on them.

A four-digit PIN code will be sent to your email to confirm that you actually requested the one-click access.

After inputting the PIN you received via email, you get the following success message within the workspace and have allowed one-click access to your other workspaces.

It's possible to disable one-click access by deleting the browser's cookies.

You should only allow one-click access on devices you are the sole user of and never on any public devices.

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