Anonymous login

Anonymous login is an easy way to access a workspace instantly

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This feature is available upon request. Please contact your CSM or Support for more information!

Anonymous login adds a QR code to the login page of a workspace. By scanning that QR code or by clicking it, anyone can access the workspace as an anonymous user. Each time the anonymous login is used, a new anonymous user is created. There is also an option to share a URL address that takes to the workspace as an anonymous user. Every anonymous user has the same rights in the workspace as normal participant users. Please note that when using anonymous login, each of the anonymous users is a billable user.

Users can add their email addresses in My profile if they want to access the same account again. That way, they don't have to create a new anonymous account each time they want to access the workspace. However, then the user is not anonymous anymore, so that might not suit every situation.

Enabling anonymous login

Anonymous login can be enabled from the workspace settings under Login, registration and SSO. The URL and QR code for anonymous login can be found from the workspace settings once the feature is enabled. They can be copied and shared forward to a slide show, for example.

There is also an option to show a notification to users to add their email addresses so they can access the same account in the future.

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