Fully anonymous widgets:

Two widgets can be made fully anonymous. Admin users are not able to get the user information after the widgets are set to be anonymous. These two widgets are the Poll and Pulse widgets. Making the widgets anonymous has to be done before any answers have been given, as once a response has been submitted the user information is stored and the widget can no longer be anonymized.

To make either of the widgets 100% anonymous, go to the widgets' advanced settings and turn on the anonymity setting.

Screenshot 2021-03-28 at 15.55.57

After the setting is toggled and users have answered the widget, no participant or admin is able to attribute any answer to any particular user.

Nameless but not anonymous

The chat widget can not be made fully anonymous, though it can be made nameless and the identity of the commenters can be hidden. Any admin can however at any time make the names of the commenters visible again. Admins are also able to export the data to an excel file, which contains the information about the commenters. There are also other details that can reveal the identity of people interacting with the chat widget.

Details that may reveal participants' identities in the chat widget:

  • Email notifications about replies or likes to a comment (can be disabled for the whole workspace)

  • 'Who is typing' feature (can be toggled off from workspace settings)

  • Admin users can make commenter info visible at any time

Assignment widget

The assignment widget is similar to the chat widget as it allows participants to comment and attach files/images. However, the assignment widget does not display the comments to other participants by default. All comments are displayed to all admin users and the commenter. This can be used as a method of collecting information from participants without letting other participants know what was said.

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