Social Login

This article describes what Social Login is and how to use it when logging in to Howspace workspaces.

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With Social Login enabled users can log in to a Howspace workspace with different social accounts: Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

How to enable Social Login for a workspace

Administrators can turn on Social Login from Workspace settings under Login, registration, and SSO by checking the checkbox.

A screenshot from workspace settings showing where to turn on the Social Login feature

Registration is also automatically turned on when Social Login is on.

SSO (Single sign-on) and Social Login cannot be enabled simultaneously.

How to use Social Login

When Social Login is enabled, and users want to use it to access the workspace, they will choose one of the login options (which account to use) and use the already existing credentials.

A screenshot of a login screen where the Social Login is enabled

After the login process is complete, they will be redirected to the workspace and are granted access.

By using Social Login, users do not require a separate email invitation to the workspace, only the workspace domain such as

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