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How to use the Audio widget
How to use the Audio widget

This article describes how to use the Audio widget.

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The Audio widget allows the user to record audio or share pre-recorded files with others in the workspace. The widget works as an alternative to the Video widget if the user only wants to share audio.

Adding audio to the widget

There are three ways to add audio to the widget:

  1. Drag and drop the file you want to share

  2. Choose the file from your device

  3. Record audio directly with your device

Advanced settings

By default, only admin users can edit the widget and its contents. However, they can also allow specified users or user lists to edit the widget.

Widget menu

Once the Audio widget has content, admins can see the listening statistics, including information about which users have or have not listened to the widget's contents. For users who have listened, admins can see the percentage of how far the users have listened.

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