How to use the Live widget (Old Howspace)

This article describes how to use the Live widget in Howspace.

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Howspace Free does not support the Live widget.

The Live widget is a browser based video communications tool that allows users to talk to each other in real time using their camera and microphone within the workspace. The underlying tool that the widget is built with is called Whereby. If you would like to familiarize yourself with Whereby you can find more information regarding them here

For the best possible user experience with the widget we recommend using Chrome or Firefox, however Edge and Safari are also supported browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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There is a limit to how many users can participate in the same live room simultaneously. The maximum is 200 users per room. However, the amount of rooms you can have in a workspace is unlimited, so you can host multiple rooms with up to 200 users in each. 24 users can have their cameras on simultaneously. The rest of the users will appear as little icons with their initials or the profile image.

Room Hosts

Room hosts have the power to turn off anyone's camera and microphone as well as request someone to turn theirs on. Hosts can also see a list of all users that are in the room and have the ability to record the meeting. They can end the meeting for all users or simply leave the meeting and let the others continue.

Admins are automatically hosts in all their rooms, but specific participants or userlists can also be defined to be hosts of rooms. This is done from the advanced settings in the widget.

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It’s possible for room hosts (admin users or specified participants) to record the meeting. This however is limited to the Chrome browser.

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