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How to use the Lesson widget (Old Howspace)

This article will describe how the lesson widget works and how to configure it

Updated over a week ago

Howspace Free does not support the Lesson widget.

The lesson widget allows admin users to embed interactive third party xAPI packages directly to their Howspace workspace. Any xAPI compatible zip file can be uploaded to the widget, which will display the interactive content.

Once you have placed the widget where you want it on your page, open the widget edit menu from the three dots in the corner.

Here you can upload edit the title, info text and most importantly upload the xAPI package.

Basic tracking of user is available in the format of 'has passed' and 'has not passed'. Admin users can see which participants have completed the package and which ones have not.

Advanced settings:

The advanced settings allows the workspace admin to choose the level of security restrictions for the widget.

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