Sticky Notes

The sticky notes feature allows for colorful and interactive facilitation and sense making of your work.

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The Super chat widget has two modes: discussion mode and sticky notes. Sticky notes are a mode of the widget that changes the looks and some functionality.

Enabling sticky notes

When you add a Super chat widget to a page, you will see the option to choose which mode is enabled. The modes can be toggled and changed at any point.

When the sticky notes mode is selected you can choose one of the preset colors or click on 'more' to set any color you want.

Once you have a the mode enabled, and have chosen a color you can close the page edit mode. Adding a title and comment to the widget will look something like this:

With more than one widget in sticky notes mode, admins and participants are able to move comments between the different widgets easily. Comments can either be moved or duplicated into another chat by clicking on the corner menu of the comment itself.

By default, users can only move their comments, but an admin can enable the possibility for participants to duplicate their comments from the widget advanced settings.

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