Chat Moderation

These features allow for moderation of the chat widget and can be enabled from the widget’s advanced settings.

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The flagging feature is a method that administrators can use to moderate comments and replies in any chat widget within their workspaces. It is disabled by default, but can be enabled from the widget’s settings > Advanced settings section.

The feature allows participants to flag comments that they deem inappropriate. Participants can only see the flags that they have set. Flags from other users are not visible to them, so users who have their comments flagged are unaware of it.

Admin users can see the total amount of flags that a comment has received and can filter the chat to bring up the most flagged comments. It is their responsibility to then evaluate the comment and decide to either keep the comment or to remove it from the chat. Participants are not notified if their comment has been removed.

Moderation Mode

When moderation mode is enabled, all comments from participants (admin comments are not affected) are placed in an intermediate state, and are not visible to other participants. All comments from participants have to be approved by an administrator before they are published, and visible for all. Admins are able to comment normally without having their comments reviewed.

When moderation mode is enabled, new comments by participants have a dotted line around them, indicating that they need to be approved before they are visible.

Only the participant, who commented, and all admins are able to see the comment at this point.

Admins have the option to approve the comment, which publishes the comment and makes it visible for all users. They also have the option to delete the comment if they see fit.

If the moderation mode is disabled, comments will be posted normally and do not need approval. If the moderation is enabled again, any comments that are already posted are not impacted and remain published. Only comments that are posted when the moderation mode is enabled will be subject to approval from the admins.

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