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How to use the Leaderboard widget
How to use the Leaderboard widget

The leaderboard widget is a gamification feature that allows you to rank workspace activity

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The leaderboard widget is a gamification feature that supports the goals and purpose of the workspace where it has been used. Admin can decide what activity is essential in the workspace, and by that, the Leaderboard widget supports the success of the group and individuals.


  1. Scoring metrics: You can choose between Activity collection and engagement in Super Chats. You can read more about the Activity collection here. For Super Chat engagement, you can choose one to four categories that are scored: comments, replies, likes given and likes received.

  2. Number of entries to show: Choose how many users or teams you want to show in the leaderboard widget.

    1. Always show the current user: Select this to show the user their own position in the leadeboard.

    2. Show the closest rivals: When 'Show current user' is selected, you can enable this option to show each user the people ranked before and after them.

  3. Time period: Choose the time period from which the scoring is calculated.

  4. Group entries by: Choose to show individual users or teams.

  5. Users to exclude: You can exclude users from the leaderboard widget. This is handy if you want to exclude the facilitator from the results and keep the competition between the participants.

  6. Userlists which can edit/Participants who can edit: Allow different non-admin users to modify the settings of this widget.

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