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How to use the Teams feature
How to use the Teams feature

This article explains how Teams can be created and how they can be used.

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How to enable Teams in Chat

Using Teams is a way for administrators to give the option for their participants to answer as a team with one voice in the Chat widget. Teams are only available in the Chat widget and are available in any chat within the workspace.

While the feature is turned on the participants can create their own teams. Administrators can also create teams in advance.

You can turn the Teams feature on in each Chat widgets’ settings > Advanced settings.

This is what it looks like for the participants when there are no teams created or they themselves don’t belong to any team yet.

This is what it looks like for the participants when there is a team they belong to.

And how a comment looks like when it has been posted by a team member.

Why use teams?

Teams allow different groups of people to co-create content for a chat and still be viewable as a whole. The group can be a part of an organization, a department, or a small group of a workshop.

It gives another layer of possible facilitation methods for the admins to us when no individual can be picked out of the group, but instead, they can hear the voice of the team as one entity.

How to add, edit or delete teams as an administrator?

It's possible to add, edit or delete Teams in a workspace within the admin tools. Add a new team from Add a team button.

Editing and deleting happen from the ... menu after each team.

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