Workspace Features

This article describes the features in Workspace settings and explains how and where these features apply.

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Howspace Free offers a limited selection of core collaboration and co-creation features. To access the full suite of tools, upgrade to a paid plan.

Administrators can edit the list of used features at any time, and find the settings from the action menu > workspace settings > features.

These settings only impact the workspace in question, so every workspace can have its own preferred features depending on your needs.



Here is the list of features currently available in all workspaces.

User mentions


This setting allows users (both admins and participants) to tag others in the Chat widgets. The person, who is tagged, will get a notification in the workspace (green ball visible in the menu) and an email (both depending on the notification settings of the workspace).


This setting enables the admins to create hierarchical organizational structures within the workspace, such as Company, and sub-categories such as different departments or teams within that company. These can be visible or hidden from the participants.

Custom profile fields

Administrators are also able to create customized profile fields: multiple-choice or open text fields. This setting enables those to the workspace.

Mobile number

This setting will enable the possibility for all users to add their phone numbers to their profiles.

Who can edit widgets

Enabling this will allow the administrators to give permissions on the widget level (from each widget's settings) to edit the content of that widget to certain participants or userlists.


This setting allows admins to create userlists in the workspace. Userlists are a handy way to control which pages are visible to certain groups, who emails are sent, and so on.

Who is typing

Who is typing feature allows all workspace users to see in real-time who is writing to which chat widget. A text appears below the chat's text field "Firstname Lastname is typing...".


Enabling Teams feature in a workspace allows admins to create teams. Teams apply only to the chat widgets.

Participants can create teams

This setting enables also the participants to create teams in the workspace, instead of it being only a feature for the administrators.

AI functions

With this setting, all Artificial Intelligence features are enabled in the workspace.

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