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How to use the Super chat widget
How to use the Super chat widget

This article explains the Super chat widget and its features.

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The Super chat widget is a tool that can be used for real time interaction with participants. The widget contains many features that can be used for facilitating conversation and summarizing/analyzing of the conversation afterwards.

By clicking on the dotted menu in the top corner of the widget, admin users will see the following options:

Chat widget options

Edit: Edit mode gives admin users the ability to manage the options that determine how participants interact with the widget. The contents of the edit section will be described in more detail later in this article.

Artificial Intelligence: There are several AI features available for analyzing and summarizing the comments and replies in the widget. This is particularly useful when there is a large amount of content. Instead of having to read through every single comment, the AI features can be used as a quick and easy way of understanding the main points of the discussion. Read more about the AI features here:

Show users who have/have not commented: These two options can be used to see who has and hasn't commented in this particular widget. If someone has commented or replied to a comment, they will appear on the 'has commented' list. Once either list is opened, you have the option to send an email to all the users on the list. As an example, this can be used to send reminders to participants who have not yet commented anything.

Sort comments by: Comments can be sorted and re-arranged based on different parameters. You can bring the most liked comments to the top, where they are more visible. The sorting can also be done based on organization, if they have been defined in the workspace. Once the comments are sorted, the order can be made the default order.

Filter comments: The feature allows for filtering comments based on the profile fields of the commenter. If you want to quickly and easily find comments from participants that have a certain profile field, you can hide all other comments but theirs with this feature.

Export to Excel: Export the data (comments, replies, likes, points, commenter information etc.) from this widget into an Excel file (.xlsx) that you can save locally.

Editing the Chat widget

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 11.07.54

Choose the features and attributes that you want available in the chat widget. For example you can display the name of the commenters or have the name hidden. NOTE: Chats cannot be made fully anonymous.

You can choose a title and description for the widget to instruct the participants on the topic or theme that should be discussed.

Features that can be enabled or disabled:

  • Name: Choose the visibility of the commenters name next to their comment.

  • Comment field: If disabled, no more comments can not be written in the chat. Photos and files can still be uploaded. Comments can only be written if this is enabled.

  • Likes: allows users to like someone else's comment.

  • Show likes: displays how many likes a comment has received in total and the users who have liked it.

  • Reply: allows users to reply to comments from others.

  • Points: users can rank comments by giving them 1-5 points each.

  • Show points: displays the total cumulative amount of points a comment has received. The distribution of points can be seen by hovering over the total amount.

  • Show views: displays who has seen any particular comment.

  • The photo/video button: allows participants to upload files as part of comments when enabled.

The button texts can be edited for both the video/photo and publish buttons.

Advanced settings

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 11.08.30

Participants can

Choose the extra features participants have access to when they interact with the widget. You can choose which (if any) AI features the participants can use and whether they can sort or filter the comments.

Who can add/reply to comment

Choose which users can comment or reply in the widget. You can allow every participant to comment/reply, select individual users or userlists that are allowed or mandate commenting/replying to be done as teams. Read about the difference between teams and userlists:

Shown comments count & Show more button text:

Choose how many comments are visible by default without needing to press the 'show more' button. You can also customize the button by adding your own text


There are ways to moderate the comments in the chat widget. The moderation settings are disabled by default but can be enabled when deemed appropriate. Find out more about the moderation features here:

Comments order

Choose how you want new comments to appear in the chat. On the top, on the bottom, based on likes/points or organization. The options are visible based on whether the feature is enabled in the widget settings.

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