Workspaces widget

Workspaces widget makes it easy to link to other workspaces in Howspace. Filters and algorithms help with listing relevant workspaces.

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Howspace Free does not support the Workspaces widget.

The Workspaces widget displays a selection of workspaces and allows easy navigation between them. It shows if there are any notifications in each workspace. The selection of workspaces can be customized to different use cases. This all adds up to visually pleasing and efficient navigation between workspaces.

View options

The widget can be displayed in two modes: cards and list view.


The cards view is a visually pleasing display mode that shows the cover image and optionally the workspace description.

List view

The list view is a similar experience to the 'My workspaces' view. It includes the information about the latest visit and activities of the workspace.

Cover image and description

By default, the cover image of the workspace is the logo. Alternatively, it's possible to customize it by uploading your own cover image in workspace settings. This image will be displayed in the Workspaces widget.

Workspaces do not have a description by default. However, the description can be added by administrators in the workspace settings. The description of a workspace is hidden by default but can be toggled on from the widget's settings.

Which workspaces are shown

The selection of workspaces in the Workspaces widget can be customized based on the following options.

  • My workspaces. Displays a list of workspaces that the user has access to. Different users can see different workspaces.

  • My workspaces with unread comments. Similar to the 'My workspaces' option but shows only workspaces that have unread comments. Workspaces are sorted by most unread comments.

  • Selected workspaces. Administrators can set the workspaces they want to show to participants. Only workspaces that the admin has admin rights are allowed to be selected here.

Additional options

You can exclude the current workspace from the listing and allow users to automatically register upon navigation if the registration is turned on for the targeted workspace.

The number of workspaces shown can be altered, and the 'Show more' button can be toggled on or off depending on the use case.

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