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Howspace Zapier App
Howspace Zapier App

Learn how to use the zapier application works to integrate other systems with your howspace account

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Howspace has an application in Zapier. It allows you to easily integrate other applications with a Howspace workspace. Automate actions in the workspace to match triggers from your existing systems.

A common use case is to integrate an existing online shop to a workspace and to grant workspace access to the customer automatically upon purchase. The Zapier app is not limited to online shops, any application in Zapier can be connected to your workspace.


To use the Howspace app in Zapier you need the Howspace API add-on. Check that it is enabled and that you have access to the API key in your main user dashboard. More information about the API can be found here. A Zapier account is also needed.


The Howspace application in Zapier is currently in Beta. It supports 4 API endpoints at this moment. The four actions that can be taken with the application are:

  1. Add user to a workspace

  2. Remove user from a workspace

  3. Create workspace

  4. Get user information

All other existing API endpoints can still be used through custom webhooks.

Howspace only works as 'action' not as 'trigger' in Zapier.

If you have any issues with setting up you Zaps or using the Howspace App in Zapier please contact

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