What is Howspace Account Manager

This article explains what Howspace Account Manager is.

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Howspace Account Manager is a system for the customer's main users to monitor and manage their usage of Howspace from one place.

To access the dashboard, main users can find the link in any of their workspaces by going to their Admin menu:

The dashboard can be navigated through the sidebar menu:


The dashboard is the default view and the landing page. It contains an overview on the amount of workspaces (open and archived) and users (participants and admins). Information on workspace activity can also be seen in two graphs (daily and monthly activity).

Tip: You can filter what information is visible in the graphs by clicking on the colors above the graph.


Here you can see and manage all workspaces under the account. From the preview you can see the name and url of the workspace, the participant and admin amount (note that admins might also have the participant role), when the workspace was created and most importantly the actions you can take to control the workspace.

From the menu under the Actions tab, you have the following functionality:

  • Edit workspace

    • Here, you can edit various settings for the individual workspace (language, security settings, login options, and what features and widgets are enabled)

  • Users

    • See a list of all users in the workspace.

    • See all deleted users.

    • Create admin users

    • Search for specific users

    • Edit the roles of users (add or remove admin role)

    • Send email to admin users

    • Delete a user from the workspace

  • Archive workspace

    • Archive any workspace that is not in use or needed at the moment

    • Archived workspaces are not included in your invoice, and they can be restored later. Read more about archiving.

  • Duplicate workspace

    • Creates a duplicate of the existing workspace with a new name.

    • A great way to create a fresh copy of your workspace without any users or user-generated material,

  • Create template from workspace

    • Make this workspace a template for admins to easily copy it later.


In settings you can edit invoicing details, configure sso (if you have purchased it), grant and manage workspace creation permissions, add a linkedin ID and set the default settings to all new workspaces.

Note: the defaults only apply to workspaces that are created new, if they are duplicates they will contain the settings of the original workspace.

Main users:

See a list of all the main users who have access to this dashboard. Add or remove any main user that you wish. Please consider carefully who you grant this power to, as they have the ability to permanently delete or alter any workspace or users.

From this view you can also send emails to any or all main users.

Workspace users:

This tab contains a list of all users across all of your workspace. The list contains the users email, the amount of workspaces that the user is an administrator in, and the amount of workspaces that the user is a participant in.

In this view, main users can manipulate user details across all workspaces. See what workspaces the user is part of from the workspaces action, edit the email of the user across all workspaces or delete the user from everywhere at once.


Find information about your Howspace usage and billing. You can see a breakdown of your user amounts per month as well as the number of open workspaces you have.

All the information can also be downloaded as an Excel file.


Here, the main users are able to modify the default emails that are automatically sent by Howspace. If the default email templates are not to your liking they can be modified for any of the languages that we support.

Being a main user does not necessarily mean you have access to any workspaces. You do, however, have the ability to add yourself to any workspace as an admin.

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