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Functionalities of the partner API
Functionalities of the partner API

In this article we describe what functionalities the partner API adds to Howspace.

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Partner API allows easy integration between Howspace and other systems. The API is an additional service with a set monthly fee. Once the feature has been enabled it can be managed in the main user dashboard's 'Partner API' tab. The page contains the API key for your account, the API URL as well as an extensive documentation about the different endpoints and schemas of the API.

One example of how the API can be used is to integrate an online shop (such as Shopify or Woocommerce) with your Howspace account. This enables you to sell access to your workspace and automatically add your customers to it once they have completed the purchase.

If you have further questions about the API or need more assistance with the configuration please contact

More info and API endpoints are available here:

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