Activity collection (Old Howspace)

Track and view the progress of your participants

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Howspace Free does not support the Activity Collection.

The Activity collection feature allows workspace admins to see the progress of their participants. See how many activities the user has completed in the workspace and automatically grant certificates to users who have finished all the tasks you set for them.

In the Activity collection tab admins can see the progress of the participants in the selected activities. Completed activities are shown in green and uncompleted are shown in red. The Activity collection also shows progress in certain activities like path mode, where admins can see how many steps the participant has completed. Admins can manually or automatically pass users and issue them a certificate based on their progress.

How to use the feature

Make sure the feature is enabled for your workspace in the workspace settings. Once enabled, navigate to the Activity collection tab.

Choose which learning paths (pages in path mode), exam widgets, lesson widgets, assignment widgets, or super chat activities you want to track. Choose how many comments a user has to post in a super chat widget to get a passed status for that activity. Select the tracking criteria from the 'Edit Activity Collection' button in the top left corner.

Advanced settings

With the Edit Activity Collection modal open, you can see and configure the advanced settings.

  • Assessment: Choose whether users are passed manually, automatically, or at all.

  • Issue certificate when assessed: Once the user has passed the assessment, they will automatically receive a certificate.

  • Show results in My profile: The users see their own progress and what parts they have or have not completed from their own profile.

How to assess user progress

Once a participant has completed enough to pass the activity collection, admins can either automatically or manually assess the activities. Also, as mentioned above, there is an option in the advanced settings to automatically issue a certificate once assessed. Issuing certificates can also be done manually by admins.


If there are hundreds of users in the workspace, filtering becomes a useful way to find the users you are looking for. Filtering can be done based on different attributes such as profile field, userlist, or certification status.


The view options allow choosing between 'Cards' and 'Table'. There is an option to choose the page width to your preference.

In the table view, you can choose how the contents of the table are displayed. You can freeze some of the users' information to the left side of the table so it is always visible which user is being evaluated.

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