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Certificate (Old Howspace)

This article explains how certificates can be enabled and used in a workspace.

Updated over a week ago

Howspace Free does not support the Certificates feature.

There is a feature that allows the workspace admin to issue certificates for participants. A certificate can be issued by passing an exam or by selecting participants from the user management page and manually issuing one. Currently it is possible to have one certificate per workspace. Certificate as a feature is disabled by default but it can be enabled by the admins from the workspace settings under the feature selection tab.

Creating and personalizing the certificate

Before a certificate can be granted it has to be created by an admin. You can create the template for it in the workspace settings, in the tab called “Certificate”. From there you can personalize and customize the certificate with the following:

  • Name of the “course” (Default: workspace name)

  • Content / description / goals

  • Name of the participant (the default is dynamic, and changes to match the user who receives the certificate)

  • Signature of the trainer / consultant etc (as an image, not mandatory)

  • Written name and title of the signatory

  • Description of the participation: Default text: “has successfully completed” [Course title]

  • Date and place (fixed / dynamic)

  • Logo of the organizer (default: workspace logo)


This is an example of what a certificate can look like:


Issuing a certificate

A certificate can be implemented as a part of the Exam widget and is available from the advanced settings of the Exam widget. The certificate will granted based on the 'minimum score to pass the exam'. If the minimum score is set to 0% then all who finish the exam questions will receive a certificate.


Admins can also issue certificates on the user management page by selecting users and issuing certificates for them manually.

issue certificate

Once the certificate feature is enabled for a workspace, a new 'my certificates' tab will appear in the menu. This tab contains the certificate from the current workspace (if a user has received one). From here the certificate can easily be accessed and shared.


Sharing the certificate

The certificate can be:

  • Added to personal LinkedIn profiles by the participants

  • Saved as a PDF

  • Copied and shared as a URL

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