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How to make a userlist?
How to make a userlist?
This article explains how to create a userlist and how to use it.
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Userlists are a useful way to organize and maintain order in a workspace.

How to create a user list:

Go to Userlists by clicking Action menu > Users > Userlists.

Click the Add a userlist button to create a new userlist.

First, give the new userlist a name, then add users to the list.

It is possible to add one user at a time or multiple users at once.

Clicking the Add multiple users allows for more than one user to be added to the list.

When all users have been added to the userlist, click Create and the list is ready to be used.

Admins can edit the userlist whenever needed from ...-menu at the right side of each userlists and choosing Edit. It is also possible to delete the userlist by choosing Delete.

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