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Dynamic userlists
Dynamic userlists

Userslists can be connected to existing profile fields, allowing the users to choose which userlists they are belong to.

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Connecting multiple choice profile fields and userlists allows admins to automate the addition and removal of users to userlists.

The userlists can be used in many ways, such as restricting access to certain pages or only allowing certain userlists to add comments to super chats.

How to connect a multiple choice profile field to a userlist

  • Go to user management and select 'edit profile fields and organization'

  • Create a new multiple choice profile field and add a title and answer options.

  • Once you have a profile field you wish to connect to a userlist go to the userlist tab:

  • Press 'add a userlist' and give it a name.

  • Select 'matching profile field' and select the option you wish to connect.

  • Repeat this to create as many userlists as you wish.
    โ€‹Note: one userlist can only be connected to one profile field option!

  • One option is to create a userlist for users who have not made a selection.

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