When being added to a workspace, all users are given the participant role automatically.

Some users however need to have admin roles besides the admin who has created the workspace.

How to add participant role to an admin:

  1. Find the participant who needs admin rights to the workspace from the list in Action menu > User management

  2. Click the ... -menu at the right side and select Add admin role

Now the user has both participant and admin roles in the workspace, but sometimes there is a need to have only admin role for the user.

How to edit roles of a user:

  1. Find the user whose roles need to be edited from the list in

  2. Click the ... -menu at the right side and select Open user profile > Edit profile

  3. Choose Roles and select either participant, admin or both roles for the user and Save

Now the user has the intended roles and it is possible to edit the user roles anytime necessary.

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