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Templates and Template Gallery
Templates and Template Gallery

The Template Gallery hosts a variety of pre-made workspace templates for you to try out. Here's how to use it.

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Howspace Templates allow you to jumpstart your workspace creation process with high quality and inspiring templates built by other Howspace users coming from a variety of use cases.

Discover your next big idea by browsing the curated Template Gallery, filled with best practices and inspirational content built by other Howspace users.

To use templates, you need workspace creation permissions for your account. These can be added by the main users.

My templates:

While in a workspace, you can view all templates that are available to you in action menu -> "My templates". Here you can access the template gallery and see all your own, and your organization's workspace and page templates. You can also access template settings, which allow you to for example make templates you created available to your entire organization. You can also create new workspace or page templates.

Workspace templates:

You can use workspace templates to quickly create a full workspace from a template.

Use workspace templates from the gallery:

  1. Visit the gallery

  2. Browse templates: you can filter based on language or tags

  3. Click on a template you want to use

  4. Click on 'try this template'

  5. Fill in the form to start for free or click 'create a workspace with this template' if you already have an account

  6. Choose a workspace name and domain

  7. Click on 'create workspace'

Create your own workspace template:

  1. Go to the action menu

  2. Go to 'my workspaces'

  3. Click on [...] menu for the workspace you want to make into a template

  4. Select 'create a template from workspace'

  5. Name your template, set visibility to workspace template admins or the entire organization

  6. Check advanced settings

  7. Click 'create'

Edit, share and submit your workspace template:

  1. Click on edit template settings

  2. Write a description for your template

  3. Upload a cover image for your template

  4. Select 'share by link' to share your template with others

  5. Submit your template to the gallery by choosing 'publish to gallery'

Page templates:

You can use page templates to efficiently create new pages from templates to an existing workspace.

Use page templates:

  1. Go to the action menu

  2. Select "Add a page from template"

  3. Browse templates: you can filter based on language, use case, or tag

  4. Click the "Create a page from template" button under the template you want to use

  5. Name the page and set page settings to your liking

  6. Click "Create a page"

Create your own page template:

  1. While on the page you want to make a template out of, open the action menu

  2. Click "Duplicate page"

  3. Name the page template

  4. Select "Create as a new page template"

  5. Click "Duplicate page"

  6. While viewing a page template, you can access template settings through the yellow bar at the top, and select whether the template is visible to page template admins or the entire organization

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