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This article describes all the different duplication options that can be done in a Howspace workspace.

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Duplication is a core feature that makes managing and building a workspace easier and more efficient. Duplication can be done to several parts of the workspace and even to a workspace itself. Following are the things that can be duplicated and instructions on how it's done. Duplication always requires an administrator role, but for duplicating containers and widgets a page admin role is sufficient.

How to duplicate a


In order to duplicate a workspace the user must have workspace creation permissions. These permissions are defined and can be edited in the main user dashboard.

Once the correct permissions are set, a workspace admin can duplicate a workspace from the main user dashboard or from the 'my workspaces' view.


Folders cannot be duplicated. You might want to consider duplicating it one page at a time and then creating a new folder to which the duplicated pages can be placed under.

If you'd like to duplicate a huge number of folders, you can consider the option to duplicate a whole workspace instead, and then delete the pages and folders that are not needed.


Pages in a workspace can be duplicated from the Action menu. The middle column has an option to duplicate the page you are on.

The modal that opens allows you to select which workspace you want to duplicate the page into. This requires admin rights in the same workspace and can only be done to workspaces under the same customer account. The page can also be made into a template that can be used later to duplicate into new pages.


Containers can be duplicated whether they contain widgets or not. All widgets within the container will be duplicated along with the container itself.

To duplicate a container open the 'Edit page layout' view and click on the three dots in the corner of the container. Select 'duplicate' and a copy will appear below the original container.


To duplicate a widget go to 'Edit page layout' view and press the three dots in the corner of the widget itself. Select duplicate and a copy of the widget will appear in the same container below the original widget.

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