Evaluation feature

Learn about the evaluation feature and how you can utilize it in your workspaces.

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Howspace Free does not support the Evaluation feature.

The evaluation feature allows admins to set criteria and track user progress. The criteria can be free-form text or multiple choice and can be fully customized in each workspace. The criteria can be shown privately to the participants or only to admin users.

How to use the evaluation feature

Make sure that the evaluation feature is enabled in the workspace settings: 'Workspace settings' > 'Features' > 'Evaluation'. Once the feature is enabled, navigate to the evaluation tab.

In this view, you can view, add and modify evaluation criteria and see which users have and have not been evaluated. By default there are no evaluation criteria set, so all users are shown in the 'Not evaluated' tab. To add evaluation criteria, click 'Edit evaluation criteria' > 'Add evaluation criteria'. Choose between text and multiple-choice format. Add a title, external LMS id (if needed), and the evaluation options, and select the visibility of the criteria. Once there are multiple evaluation criteria, they can be rearranged in the 'Edit evaluation criteria' view with drag and drop.

Managing evaluation criteria

There is no maximum limit to the number of evaluation criteria that can be added. Each criteria will be displayed to each user next to the user information. If there are many evaluation criteria, they will be accessible through scrolling horizontally. When a user has all the evaluation criteria filled, they are moved to the 'Evaluated' tab automatically.


If there are hundreds of users in the workspace, filtering becomes a useful way to find the users you are looking for. Filtering can be done based on different attributes such as profile field, userlist, or certification status.


The view options allow choosing between 'Cards' and 'Table'. There is an option to expand the page to full width to have as much information visible as possible.

In the Table view, you can choose how the contents of the table are displayed. You can freeze some of the users' information to the left side of the table so it is always visible which user is being evaluated.

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