Workspace login, registration and SSO

This article describes what options of logging in to a workspace administrators can choose from and how these can be used by participants.

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Howspace Free does not support SSO login, social logins, QR-code login, or self-registration login.

Administrators can edit the login, registration and SSO settings at any time. This article will present them and their use.

You will find the settings under the main menu > Workspace settings > Login, registration and SSO.


These settings affect only that workspace, so every workspace can have its own preferred settings depending on the needs.

More information about the difference between login and register can be found here:

Login via emailed login links


The first choice an admin has to make is whether users can login to a workspace by using email sent links. If this feature is turned off, users cannot use login links to access the workspace.

There are different types of login links that users can receive from the workspace: admins can send them to users for example based on user activity or need for participation, or the messages are sent automatically when new relevant content is available for users in the workspace (What's new messages).

Login links are the most common way of identification used in Howspace workspaces - a clickable link is sent to users via email and they have one-click access to Howspace. Usually, only SSO users might not be allowed login links.

The text field is for additional information that is shown on the login/registration page of a workspace before users go to that workspace. Administrators can have instructions, or other relevant (but short) text material here.

Here is an example from Howspace Community's login and registration page:




This setting allows users to register to a workspace. Administrators can allow all domains to register, or limit this to only certain domains.

Registrations means that the participants can add their email address to the text field on the front page of a workspace, click to register, and receive a login link in their email and access the workspace.

Registration can be turned off if the users are known in advance and added to the workspace by the admin.

Registration is handy when the invitation to the workspace is left open for example by sharing a link to an event on social media.

Administrators can always add more users or delete them, even when registration is turned on.

Login link settings


These are the available settings for login links.

Login link can be used

This affects how many times the same link in an email can be used. If it is set to Limited amount of times the admin can choose how many times the link can actually be used until that link stops working.

How long a login link will work after being sent

This setting controls how long a login link will work after it has been sent to the user.

Using login link on a new device

This setting affects whether the users are required to input a PIN code when they access a workspace on a new device. This adds another layer of security since the user's email address is validated again as they need to have access to that email's inbox to retrieve the PIN code.


If you are interested in setting up an SSO functionality for your organization, please contact us for more information!

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