Page admin feature

This article describes what page admins are, how they differ from workspace admins and how to use the feature.

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In addition to workspace admins, it is possible to appoint page admins. The difference between these actors is that the workspace admin has the right to edit the whole workspace, add/remove users, and change settings whereas a page admin only has the right to edit the page/pages that they are appointed to.

Workspace admins can add page admins by clicking on the action menu > Page settings > Advanced settings > Who can administrate the page. From there you can set individual users or userlists as page admins.


As you can see here you are able to assign page admin rights to individual emails or userlists that you may have created for your workspace. Workspace admin users always have the right to edit every page in the workspace.


The page admin rights allow users to edit their individual pages. These pages could be for example learning portfolios, group projects, or learning diaries. With the page admin feature you can boost co-creation and a more flexible way of working with the participants.

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