How to use the Embed widget (Old Howspace)

The embed widget can be used to bring external material and 3rd party content into your workspace.

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The embed widget is a tool that allows you to bring third party content into your workspace so that you can easily share and interact with external materials.

To embed something into the widget, you will need the URL or an Iframe code that points to the external site/app. The URL can be copied from the search bar, but often sites have a "share" button that includes an embed section. This is where you might find the Iframe code.

Editing the widget

You will have the option to give the widget a title and description. Below these you have the textbox where you need to paste the URL or iframe tag that you have from the third-party. You also have the option to determine the height of the widget.

Screenshot 2021-01-17 at 20.54.05

Sometimes when you embed from a previously unknown source, the embed widget will prompt you to add the source to your workspace whitelisted sources. It should look similar to the image below:

Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 14.20.25

When the source is added to your whitelist the embed will be visible after refreshing the page. To find and edit your whitelist go to Workspace settings > Security.

Common issues that you might come across

Not all websites or services allow for embedding to external sites. Also material that is on otherwise embed friendly sites but is set to private cause problems to embedding. If the service/site has blocked embedding to external sites you will see the following error message.

Screenshot 2020-12-17 at 13.28.27

Known services that can be embedded

Here is a list of tools that can be used within the workspace through the embed widget

  • Soundcloud (Music, sound)

  • Simplecast (Podcasts)

  • Google Calendar

  • Google Docs/Sheet/Slides (through Publish > Embed)

    • If you give rights to "Anyone with the link can edit this", then you can edit it inside Howspace. With mobile phone it allows you to see the document, but you cannot edit it. Works with iPad.

  • Google Forms

  • H5P modules

  • Zoom recordings

  • Loom videos (with embed code)


  • Microsoft Sway

  • Microsoft Forms

  • Thinglink

  • Padlet

  • Miro (make it public and then share -> embed)

  • Time Graphics

  • Hubspot Meetings

  • Facebook Live Stream

  • Spotify

  • Prezi

  • Invision (whiteboard)

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