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Howspace billing explained
Howspace billing explained

What is your invoice based on and what can you do to have an impact on it?

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Howspace billing is based on the amount of unique users that are added to a workspace across your account. This means that every individual email address that is added to a workspace is considered a user that is part of the billing quota.

Whether a user visits the workspace or not is not reflected in the invoice, so all user will be included in the workspace quota of users for the month .

If a user is removed from all workspaces under the customer account, they will not be included in the next months quota. This can be done easily for any user, from the main user dashboard.

Archiving workspaces also removes all users without deleting any user generated content in the workspace, the workspace can later be brought back with or without the original users.

If a person has two email addresses and both are added, they are considered to be separate users and both will be included in the quota.

If however an existing users email address is changed, they will still be considered the same user, and have access to all of the workspaces, material and content that they have generated without adding an extra user to the quota.

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