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Live widget breakout groups
Live widget breakout groups

This article explains the breakout groups feature in the live widget

Updated over a week ago

Howspace Free does not support the Live widget.

The live widget supports breakout groups where users can be randomized or manually selected. Breakout groups are started by the meeting host and user can be recalled from the breakout groups at any point.

Read more detailed instructions on how a breakout group is started and how users can be placed in different groups:

There is also a 'stage' function that allows the meeting host to broadcast themselves to all the breakout groups. This is a one way communication that group members can hear, but the person on the stage cannot hear anything from the other users. Read more about the stage feature:

Another way of making breakout groups is to simply add separate live widgets on a page. This allows for more participants per group and a more private experience, however with this approach there is no central party that can control the activity of participants in the rooms nor communicate with them easily. However this approach creates more of a private and exclusive space for the participants and is a great way to facilitate group work.

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