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Streaming with the Live widget
Streaming with the Live widget

This article describes how to livestream using the live widget in Howspace.

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Howspace Free does not support the Live widget.

It is now possible to host a livestream in your workspace. Using the Live widget, you can stream the meeting and discussion to as many people as you want through the streaming feature. The meeting can be connected to various video platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, and Facebook.

To begin, add a live widget to your page and open the edit view. Then scroll down and enable 'streaming'.

Once streaming is enabled, you need to insert a Streaming URL and stream key before you can begin.

This RTMP Streaming URL can be created on various platforms, here I will guide you on how to get it for youtube. Guidance for the other platforms i mentioned see this link: Whereby help center

Log into your youtube account, and click on 'Go Live' in the top right corner. This will take you to youtube studio.

NOTE: If you haven't streamed before, in order to access your stream key on YouTube you must go through the initial stream setup which includes a 24 hour account processing period.

In youtube studio you will find the following items:

Both the stream URL and the stream key are required for streaming to work

Add them into the input box in the live widget settings using a forwards slash to separate them. So the input should be like this:


Once the information is saved in the live widget, you will see an option to begin streaming once you join the widget.

Click on 'Go Live'.

Confirm your choice by clicking on 'Start streaming'.

Now your stream is live on youtube.

To embed the video into a Howspace workspace, make sure the video is either public or unlisted. Then go to the video on youtube > share > embed. Copy the embedding code and paste it into an embed widget within your workspace.

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