Live Widget Troubleshooting

This article discusses troubleshooting the live widget in case there are issues.

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The live widget is based on an open source technology called WebRTC. It is widely adopted and supported by many browsers, however not all browsers support it to the same extent. There might therefore be differences in the user experience depending on the device, the network connection and the browser.

The most common issues that end users face:

  • Device permissions or configuration. This normally presents as the camera or microphone icons being greyed out, audio/video not showing up while in the room, etc.

  • Network Speed or stability problems. This presents as the user being able to join the meeting, but they experience low quality audio/video. There might be lag, or the audio/video may be de-synchronized. The user may even disconnect entirely (usually this looks like they freeze)

  • Device speeds. This normally happens when using an older or lower powered device (for example older Macbook Airs or Windows netbooks). This can sometimes seem similar to network speed/stability, as what happens is the CPU gets over constrained and can't process the audio/video fast enough.

  • Network Security. This would normally show up as someone being unable to join the meeting at all. I discuss some options for this situation below since I think this may be the most relevant in your case

More details and information on troubleshooting can be found on the Whereby Help Center

Browser, Network or Device

A good first step to figuring out where the issue might lie is to investigate whether the browser, the network or the device is behind the problem.

The first and easiest step is to change the browser you are using. As not all browsers support the technology to the same extent. The most recommended browsers are updated versions of Chrome and Firefox. It is also worth checking the browser settings in case it is prohibiting certain actions or features that might impact the video meeting.

Checking the network is the next step if the issue was not based on the browser. Change to a different connection and rejoin the meeting. One option is to make a wifi hotspot from your phone and to try to connect with that. This will give you an idea whether the network latency or firewall settings could have been causing the issue.

If changing the network does not improve the situation. The final thing that is worth looking into is the device you are using. Are you on an older device? Do you have another device that you could potentially use? It is worth checking the device settings as there might some configuration that is causing the issue (ex. the device is not giving permission for browsers to access the camera).

If none of these troubleshooting methods work for you, you can always be in contact with Howpsace support through our email or phone service: +358 50 338 2602

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