Workspace Language, date and time (Old Howspace)

This article describes the language and date and time settings in Workspace settings and explains how these apply.

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Administrators can edit the language, date, and time of a workspace any time from Workspace settings > Language, date and time.

These settings affect only that workspace, so every workspace can have its own preferred settings depending on the needs.


Language, and date and time



Administrators can choose which language the workspace uses. This will affect the user interface of the workspace.

Changing the workspace language will not affect the content (widgets' "Save" buttons for example) that are already saved in that workspace. In other words, this will not work as a translation service but will change the language of any widgets added after changing the language and the user interface of the workspace.

Currently supported languages in Howspace:

Date and time format

This setting affects which date and time format is used in the workspace.

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