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Whitelisting embed sources (Old Howspace)

If your embedded content doesn't display correctly, it might be due to the whitelisted sources in the workspace.

Updated over a week ago

When embedding third-party content into Howspace using the embed widget, it is important to have the embedded source defined in your whitelist. If the source is not included in the whitelist, the workspace might not display the content correctly or at all.

To see your current whitelist of embed sources you can navigate to workspace settings > security > whitelisted embed sources. This is the place to edit and modify the sources that are allowed to embed into your workspace.

When you add an iframe to the embed widget for the first time, the widget asks you to whitelist the url of the site. There are options based on the complexity of the url that is being embedded. We recommend embedding the most complex option available, as it allows for most flexibility.

Sometimes the embedded source might include links to other sites or services, which are not whitelisted. This can cause the embed to suddenly break when trying to access the new source as it is not automatically whitelisted in the workspace. To avoid this, make sure to whitelist them also or contact support with the details of your embed and the issue.

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