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How to use the Checkpoint widget (Old Howspace)
How to use the Checkpoint widget (Old Howspace)

This article describes how to use the Checkpoint widget, its settings and purpose.

Updated over a week ago

Howspace Free does not support the Checkpoint widget.

Checkpoint is for your participants to check out...

  • whether they have learned or understood something,

  • what to do or

  • where to go next.

It could be used to help them check if they got the point of your content, where they should go for more information, etc.

In practice you simply write a question, answering options and feedback to every option. Options can be either neutral (marked grey) or right / wrong (marked green/red). You can include links to the feedback like:

  • watch this video

  • go to this page (inside your workspace)

  • read this article (inside or outside)

They can choose the different options as many times they like. So if you use it for checking knowledge, you can guide them to find the right answer. In other words, it cannot supply you with statistics on their choices.

Settings for Checkpoint:


Add a title and description/additional instructions.

Choose whether answers are neutral (default) or right and wrong (click the checkbox "Use right and wrong answers").

Add as many answer options as you need and write answer option to each. You can also write answer feedback, where you can include links, or general guidance.

You can reorder and delete options from the right side of each answer option.

Under Advanced settings you can choose who can answer to the Checkpoint.

Save your widget's settings by clicking Save.

Checkpoint before answering:


Checkpoint with neutral answer:


Checkpoint with right answer:


Checkpoint with wrong answer:

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