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How to use the Journey widget (Old Howspace)
How to use the Journey widget (Old Howspace)

The Journey widget allows easy visualization of processes

Updated over a week ago

The Journey widget can transform the way you build and visualize your workspaces. With the Journey widget, you can easily create a comprehensive overview of your entire process within the workspace.


In the settings of the Journey widget, you can choose if there is an active phase and how that active phase is determined. The active phase can be selected either manually or by scheduling.

Phases can be added from the 'Add phase' button. Phases can have names, a linked page, a description, and an icon.

Page links can be done to either an existing page or a new page can be created from the plus icon. This is a great feature when a new process is built from the ground up using the journey widget as a starting point.

Phase icons can be chosen from a library of ready-made icons, or an own icon image can be uploaded.

Advanced settings:

Colors of the active and passive phases can be changed in the advanced settings of the widget. Widget editing rights can be set also here similar to other widgets.

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