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How to use the People widget (Old Howspace)

The People widget allows you to showcase who is in the workspace

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By adding a people widget, you can visually represent and display people that are in the workspace. You can choose to display everyone, only admins, only participants or selected userlists. The feature fills its full potential when users have uploaded their own profile pictures to the workspace.


This is a great feature when creating a restricted team page. You can show all the team members who have access to the page.

Widget Settings

When you open the widget settings you are able to modify which users are displayed as well as what information is displayed along with the user. You can also add a title and description to the widget (For example a team or department name)

You can determine the size of the profile icons as well as the order the amount that are visible without expanding the widget manually.

Under the "Filter by profile field" option you can choose to display users who have given a sepcific answer in any of the profile fields that you have created.

The "Show profile fields" option allows you to display the answer a user has given under their name and icon. For example if they have chosen which language they speak or where they are from, this will be displayed below their name for other participants to see.


Matchmaking & Networking

The newest feature in People widget is the matchmaking and networking tool—match participants based on their selected interests and introduce them to each other according to the similarity.

  • People recommender can be a valuable tool, for example, in events where people from hundreds of different companies join a workspace and want to network with others.

  • Recommender matches people based on the similarity of selections that admin has defined in a profile field.

  • Only "multi-selection" custom profile fields are allowed.

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