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How to use the Image widget (Old Howspace)

You can share images and gif animations with the Image widget by using links or by uploading the image from your device.

Updated over a week ago

The image widget enables you to showcase and display images and gifs in your workspace. To upload an image, first add an image widget to your page and go to edit mode (from the top right corner). It will look like this:

From the edit view, you are able to add a title and info text as well as a background color for them. Below that is the option to upload an image from your device's file system. An alternative is to paste a url to an image on an external site.

Tip: Images can also be copy + pasted from your clipboard

Advanced settings:

You can select between different functionalities for when the image is clicked. The default behavior is that the image opens to full screen view and allows users to download it to their own device. Ability to download the image can be disabled.

An alternative option that is possible is to redirect users to a specific url once they click the image. You can also set the image to do nothing when clicked.

Permission to edit and change the image can be given to groups or individual participants. Simply add the userlist or individual user to the list of participants who can edit.

Once an image has been uploaded, you can add an alt text to the image, rotate it 90 degrees in either direction or delete the image through the menu icon in the top corner of the image.

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