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Sending email to users
Sending email to users

This article goes through how to send emails to your participants.

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You can send emails to your users directly from your workspace. Each email will include a login link that will take your users directly into the section of your workspace where you direct them.

Sending emails can be done in a few different ways.

From the Action menu:

  1. Open the Action menu

  2. Choose Send email

  3. Follow the steps and send the email.

From a widget:

Emails can be sent from some widgets. This can help remind users to respond to the widget in question. One common use case is to schedule an email to be sent to all users who have not responded or interacted with the widget by a certain time.

  1. Open the three dot menu of the widget you want to use to send emails

  2. Select 'users who have answered' or 'users who have not answered'.

  3. Click 'send email'

  4. Follow the steps and send the email.

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