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How to use the AI Insight widget (Old Howspace)
How to use the AI Insight widget (Old Howspace)

AI Insight widget allows you to display the AI analysis of a discussion in your workspace in real time.

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With our AI Insight widget, you can pull the analysis to your page and enjoy the insights in real time. Or you can add AI Insight widgets to the different page of your workspace, and even filter based on user lists, profile fields, and much more.

Each AI Insight widget is tied to a specific Super Chat widget and displays its AI content one AI feature at a time.

How to activate AI Insight

There are three ways to activate AI Insight.

  1. Add the AI Insight widget to a page

    Add it to a page like any other widget (Edit page layout, drag and drop AI Insight into a container, Save page layout).
    Then open Super Chat's ... menu, click on the arrow after one of the AI features (f. ex. Word cloud), and Put the insight here -button appears on the AI Insight widget. By clicking it you can display the AI analysis there.

  2. Add AI Insight from Chat in Edit page mode

    Go to Edit page layout and open the ... menu of a Super Chat. Click on one of the AI functionalities and it automatically adds AI Insight widget below the Chat.

  3. Add it from the ... menu of a Super Chat

    Selecting an AI functionality from the Chat's menu opens a banner and by clicking it the user is taken to the Edit page mode, where it's possible to drag and drop the AI Insight in place and the Chat is automatically connected to the new AI Insight widget.

Utilizing AI Insight functionalities

Showing the users the AI results is a wonderful way to spark conversations and to have them displayed for all to see.

Word cloud

Clicking the words in the Word cloud will open the chat and filter it to show only the comments that include the clicked word.

Theme cluster

Clicking the Join-button shows the conversation around that theme.

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