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Biometric authentication login
Biometric authentication login
Use your device's fingerprint or face ID to login to your workspace.
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You can utilize your existing fingerprint or face ID to authenticate yourself and gain access to your workspace without needing a login link. Before the feature can be used, make sure the feature is enabled from the workspace settings.

Each user can configure their own devices from their profile. Device credentials are workspace specific and do not transfer to other workspaces.

In the login page the user has to add their email to the input field, then press the 'login with biometric authentication' button. This prompts the device to check the fingerprint or face of the user and authenticates their identity to Howspace. Once the user is authenticated they are logged in to the workspace.

Adding and deleting devices to your profile:

Go to 'my profile' from the action menu. Open the biometric authentication tab and press 'add credentials'. This prompts you to identify yourself to your device and once successfully completed the device will be remembered in your profile and can be used to login.

Deleting devices from the profile can be done by pressing the delete button next to the device.

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