A feature that allows admin users to send push notifications to all participants who are online in the workspace

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Send a message to all workspace users

Communicate with all users in the workspace and get their attention using the Shoutbox feature.

First, enable the feature from the Workspace Settings > Features:

Once the feature is enabled in the workspace, it can be found by all admin users in their Action menu.

Once pressed, a modal will appear for the admin to write their message in:

When the message is written, press Broadcast. Now the message will appear to every participant in the workspace, and they have to dismiss it in order to continue using the workspace.

Participants see this:

Invite users to join your live widget meeting

When the admin is in a live widget meeting and sends a shoutbox message, an option to invite users to join you in the meeting will appear.

If this option is enabled, the message that users see will include a button for them to easily join the live meeting where the admin is.

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