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How to add users to a workspace?
How to add users to a workspace?
This article explains how to add users to a workspace and how to delete and restore them.
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Howspace Free accounts support up to 20 users across 3 workspaces. Upgrade to a paid subscription to invite an unlimited number of users.

Adding users to a workspace

Admin users can add other users into a workspace by clicking action menu > user management > create users. This opens a modal for creating new users.

There are several different methods of adding users to a workspace:

Copy and paste

Copy any text that includes email addresses and paste it into the open field. Click on preview users to view the users-to-be-added before actually importing the users to the workspace.

Excel file

If there is no excel file to import, download an empty excel file by clicking on empty excel file and fill in the user details (email address at the very least). When all users' email addresses have been added to the excel file and the changes saved, import the file either by drag and drop to the Drag the edited excel file here or select it from existing files by clicking ...or choose the edited excel file.

After clicking on preview users it is possible to view the users-to-be-added before actually importing the users to the workspace.

After importing users to the workspace admins can view all users of the workspace from action menu > user management.

Deleting users

This is how to delete a user from a workspace:

  1. Find the user to be deleted from the list in action menu > user management

  2. Click ...-menu at the right side and select delete

The user is now deleted from the workspace.

Restoring users

All deleted users are hidden from the list of users in a workspace. They can be made visible by choosing the the option Deleted users tab visible in the 'User management' view.

A deleted user can be restored by clicking the ... -menu at the right side and selecting restore.

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