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Limiting page access for participants (Old Howspace)
Limiting page access for participants (Old Howspace)

This article describes how an admin user can limit access to pages based on userlists or specified participants

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Why limit page access?

It is possible to limit the access to pages within a workspace to a predetermined group of participants. This feature is useful for example if you want to facilitate group work or a 1-to-1 conversation/process with a participant. It is also a useful way of making an admin-only page where the admins can discuss topics and coordinate their actions.

How to limit page access?

Page restrictions can be done based on userlists or simply by selecting individual users who can access the page. To limit access to a page, first navigate to the page you wish to restrict. Once on the page, go to the action menu and select 'page settings'.

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 10.58.01
Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 10.59.02

In the advanced settings section, you will find an option for 'Who can access the page'. The default setting is 'participants', which includes all participants in the workspace. By changing the setting to selected users and userlists one can choose the users who have access to the page.

Please note that all admin users always have access to pages, even if they are restricted to participants.

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