One of Howspace’s design principles is one-click-access. There is no need to remember another set of username and password to access your workspaces. This is why workspaces can be accessed through login links or registering depending on the workspace settings. Read more about the difference between login and registering here:

Login links

In most cases the first login link to a workspace is sent through Howspace on behalf of the admin user. People who have already been invited can request to a new login link from the workspace URL (i.e. in case the email with the login link has gone missing. Then, depending on the workspace settings, users may also receive What’s new messages including the login link, i.e. if there is new content in the workspace (such as a chat comment, etc.). Messages can also be scheduled, for example new links to the workspace sent to users every Monday. There are also a few other ways to access the workspace in addition to this.

My workspaces

Once you are logged in to one of your workspaces you can switch to another workspace by clicking the action menu and choosing my workspaces. In this view you can see all the workspaces you have access to with the email you are currently using.

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Additionally users can bookmark a workspace for themselves, eliminating the need for a separate link to log in. Here are PDF instructions that can be shared with the customers:

SSO (Single Sign-On)

There is also a SSO login option available for purchase. You can read more about the SSO option here:

Biometric login

Existing users in a workspace can configure their profile to allow them to login using their existing biometric authentication from an external device. Finger and Face ID are common in many devices and can now be used to grant easy access to workspace users.

Read more about how to configure the feature:

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