Moving content within a workspace

This article describes how to move content between different pages of a workspace.

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Administrators can edit the page layout and move content within a page or from one page to another easily by dragging and dropping.

All content can be moved around in the workspace.
Admins can just drag containers to their new places, but when moving just a widget make sure there is a container to place it into.

How to move content:

Open the Actions menu > Edit page layout.


Once the edit mode is active, admins can drag any widget or container (with all its contents) anywhere inside the workspace by dragging it from the arrows on each widget's and container's upper left corner.

To move content between pages drag the container or widget on top of the page you’d like to move that content into, hold it there until the page changes, and then drag and drop the content where you want to place it.

To exit the edit mode, click the Close edit mode button on the upper right side of the view.

Here is a video showing how a container is moved between pages:

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