Admin users of a workspace with permissions to create new workspaces for their organisation can also duplicate an existing one.

The duplication will copy all pages, folders, page layouts, widgets, and widget content that has been added there by the administrator. The duplication will not include workspace users, any content user generated content.

How to duplicate a workspace:

  1. Open the user menu and choose 'My workspaces'

  2. Click the Duplicate workspace -button and a modal will open

  3. Choose which workspace to duplicate

  4. Give the new workspace a name; the domain will be automatically generated based on the given workspace name

  5. To start the duplication process click Duplicate. The duplication will take a moment. You will be transferred to the new duplicated workspace.

  6. You will be automatically added as an administrator to the new duplicated workspace and it will show in your My workspaces -view.

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