Pulse widget has scalable questions and lets users follow up progress with multiple answering rounds, which can be used to measure progress over time.

Good use cases for Pulse are for example...

  • Energy level

  • Motivation

  • Engagement

  • Progress of implementation

  • Self evaluation (in training or at work)

  • Meeting efficiency

  • Quality of transformation or change process

  • Risk management

Pulse widget can be used as part of...

  • Training process

  • Event

  • Change management / Transformation

  • Longer projects and research programs

  • Daily work in an organisation



Title and description: Start by adding a title and description for your Pulse. Both of these are optional.

Add question: Add as many questions as needed. You can reorder and delete questions from the right side of each question.

Add answering round: Add as many answer rounds as needed. Example of an answer round could be "Spring 2019" and next round could be "Summer 2019". During the times when no answers are collected, select "No active rounds".

Advanced settings:


The scale can be changed from the default of 1-5 to anything between 0 and 10.

Results settings: You can choose whether results are shown after answering, if own answers are shown, if the average and the total average of all answers is shown. By default these are shown, but clicking the checkbox next to each will hide this information from the Pulse view.

Results type: You can either choose to see the Latest round results (showing only the latest answering round's answers) or the Follow-up results (showing how the answers have changed between all the rounds). Admins can change which is visible under the Pulse widget's ...-menu, but this will determine which results are shown first and what the participants will see.

Admin can choose if participants can also switch between the latest round and follow-up results.

It is also possible to give the users (both admins and participants) the rights to change their answers.

More information and tips in Howspace Community > Instructions > Interactive widgets > Pulse

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